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5 Signs of Molly Addiction

Signs of Molly Addiction

Molly is a popular drug among the nightclub and party scenes. It gives users the feeling of euphoria, which is why it is so appealing. However, Molly has downsides that can cause long-term damage or death. Otherwise, it may be difficult to tell if someone is taking Molly. To know if someone is addicted to MDMA, look for these 5 signs of Molly addiction.

What is Molly (MDMA)?

Molly, (also known as MDMA), is an illegal drug. It has similar effects to ecstasy, but it is the chemical composition of MDMA that accounts for the different effects. It is a synthetic chemical substance that has been synthesized to mimic the effects of ecstasy.

Signs of Taking MDMA

MDMA addiction can be seen in the signs that appear when someone is struggling with MDMA addiction. Prolonged use can lead to behavioral problems, as well as health issues. If you see these signs, it may be time to seek professional help.

1. Unusual Exhaustion

MDMA works on the brain and the body as a stimulant. It raises a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. The drug also causes a person to feel more alert or “hyper.” These effects come with a price, however. Users may be extremely tired after taking Molly or Ecstasy. They may not feel like doing anything but lying down and sleeping. They will likely feel tired the next day, too.

Exhaustion comes from the effect on the body. Our bodies can only do so much work without proper rest. Also, being in a heightened state for too long can. Combined with MDMA’s interference with sleep, people taking MDMA find that their bodies cannot rest until the MDMA has worn off.

2. Anger, Aggression, and Irritability

This is another effect of MDMA. It does make users feel more confident and happy. However, the drug can also make users angry and irritable. They may feel as though they have the energy to fight or argue with their partner or friends.

3. Lack of Memory and Attention

MDMA may be the drug of choice for partiers looking to party and dance all night long. However, it can also cause users to forget things. It can make their memory worse, too. They may have trouble remembering what happened at the nightclub or at the party where they took Molly.

Some predators use this to their advantage. They spike people’s drinks with MDMA so that they won’t know what happens the next day. Partiers must be careful about what they eat or drink at a party since it could be spiked if they are not paying attention.

4. Panic Attacks

MDMA use causes the body to release serotonin. This is a chemical that helps control moods. However, too much serotonin can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Human brains work hard to find the right balance of serotonin for different situations. Taking MDMA can push the brain out of balance and create serious problems with serotonin.

An MDMA-induced panic attack can be especially dangerous. Since it was caused by MDMA, the brain may not be able to quickly balance the amount of serotonin. This could cause the panic attack to last longer. Another problem is that panic attacks put a lot of stress on the body, which could be damaging if left untreated for too long.

5. Seizures

Seizures are a risk of MDMA use, even for those who take it in small amounts. Seizures are known to occur when a person takes too much Molly or has too high of a fever. It can also happen when the body’s temperature gets too high or too low.

Molly pushes the body in different ways that resemble stress. It elevates heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to an increase in body temperature. Since these conditions are caused by MDMA, they can occur at any time. People affected by seizures may not know that they are having them until a seizure happens and they wake up.

Molly Withdrawal

These signs will show up when a person starts Molly withdrawal, although they could happen at any time while taking MDMA. MDMA abuse raises the chances of experiencing a problem. It is important to seek help right away if these signs are present since the person may be starting withdrawal.

When to Seek MDMA Rehab Help

If someone you know experiences all five signs of Molly addiction, it is important to seek help. MDMA rehabilitation centers can help those who are addicted. The center will likely assess a person’s current drug use and diagnose a potential addiction.

Becoming addicted to MDMA means that stopping it will be difficult. Rather than trying to do it alone, rely on a treatment program to help you start your recovery. Learn more about Molly addiction recovery from SE Addiction, TN.

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